Friend of LETS

Friend of LETS

Farming is far more than farming.

It is innovation, inventing, maintaining, building, fixing, developing. And when you are a training center wanting to help communities feed thems selves and thrive, it is anthropology, the social sciences, the hard sciences. It is where the rubber meets the road as we all learn to help with out hurting, to train trainers.

Our Mission

We have already stated our desire to, in our helping, not to hurt the people we are working with.

As we work cross-culturally and as we have many different cultures come and work with us, we are all students and we are all trainers.
We see it as being paramount that we honor the cultures we are exposed to, to be quick to listen and slow to speak.
Our mission may be about the person of Jesus, that however is not a Western or European construct.

As our students and staff go to work in other countries, we encrouge them to discover how they are not taking Jesus, He is already there, and so what has he already been doing?