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Our Location

Our main training location is situated in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Our Aquaponics system sends most of its produce directly to the Cafeteria for the University.

Natural Farm

Using regenerative farming and IMO (Indigenous Micro Organisms), we produce a wide range of leafy greens that also go to the University’s Cafeteria.

Appropriate Technology

We employ established technology as well as developing our own in order to create systems that help without hurting.

Working Around the World.

We are not the only location that is involved in Aquaponics. We work with a number of different partners in Nepal, the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh, helping to improve the quality of life through food security & good practices.

Regenerative Farming

At all times, we look at how we can improve the biome of the soil.

Through cultivating Indigenous Micro Organisms, we give them an environment suited to their propagation.


KGs Vegetables Produced

KGs of Fish


The Farm was awesome! I love learning all these new things and working with my hands. Loved being in nature and seeing how creative God is.


Ryan, Work Duty, DTS Student.

Being able to work and learn with LETS community in their endeavors of building, increasing stability in communities and pursuing Christ was essential in my growth as a student and as a man.


– Skyler Perry, past student

The staff forever changed my life. They took me under their belt and pushed me into things that I never knew that I could do. The farm taught me to continue to try again and that it is okay to fail as long as you continue to try till you get it.


Kaleah, Work Duty, DTS Student.

I had no idea what to expect walking into the first day at farm work duty, but I was so pleasantly surprised with the experience I had! The farm staff have been some of my favorite people I have met at the YWAM Kona base and have made my time working here so filled with joy! I am so grateful for my time here and all I have learned!


Laura, Work Duty, DTS Student.

2021 Schools and Seminars

April 2021

Stewardship & Sustainability School

Learn to break the roots of poverty and bring gospel-inspired transformation to people and their land. Your practical development will be to help communities thrive by demonstrating sustainable ways to provide access to healthy food, renewable energy, clean water, safe shelter and basic sanitation.

08 Sep 2017

Sustainable Agriculture

Our world’s hungry people are crying out for solutions to help them gain access to healthy and abundant food. Discover God’s heart for the role of food and Sustainable Agriculture in the world around us. 


Featured Resource: IMO.


IMO Indiginious Micro-Organism

Creating beneficial soil Biomes from your local environments desirable bacteria, fungi, and yeast