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Life Empowering Technology & Science.

From time to time we will let you know what we have been upto and what we have been discovering.

University of the Nations

Natural Farm

Visit Us

If you are ever in Kona, Hawaii come by for a visit.

We give Farm Tours for individuals, groups and schools.

We often have people that want to give a couple of hours of work, to work side by side with us.


Each day there is something we need to do

From planting seeds, moving plants, harvesting and cleaning beds.

Natural Farm

Tuesday Harvest

We grow our own plants from seeds, building up the soil every time we plant seedlings. We make our own soil, and the compost always needs flipping.

Appropriate Technology Village

Every thing grows

The joy of Hawaii is a 12 month of the year growing season for growing food.

One of the works of Hawaii is a 12 month of the year growing season for weeds.