LETS Orientation

Terry I would love to get your perceptive on this as to what the next intern could really benefit from.

Orientation Topics

Broad overview of the LETS aquaponics physical layout.


Purposes and training opportunities at this location including projects and outreaches that staff and students have been involved in

Overview of aquaponics biology – fish, plants, bacteria

Curiosity is encouraged here!

Advantages of aquaponics vs expenses and other requirements

Overview of aquaponics components – fish tanks, grow beds, filters, pumps, plumbing

This plant nursery for aquaponics offers the chance to learn about flood and drain systems, airlift pumps, clarification, adjustable height standpipes, adjustable drain speed grow bed, upwelling multi-inlet grow beds, construction for aquaponics, and more.

Staff and students have access to hands on training to understand how to design and build airlift pumps.

Raising tilapia – things we’ve learned


Overview of plant sequence – planting, placing, growout, pest management, harvest

Details of harvest day – prep, harvest, weighing, recording, labeling, plant delivery

Details of post harvest cleanup

Details of planting and placing including record keeping

Fish feeding and survey of system operations


Design considerations – purpose, desired plant & fish type and quantity, water, power, weather, topography, human resources, etc

Choices for materials and tanks

Tanks, bulkhead fittings, plumbing, siphons,

Pumps – sizing considerations, types, pros and cons of external vs submersible vs airlift

Airlift pumps – types, design, construction

Filters & clarifiers – types, design, construction

Grow beds – types, design, construction

LETS Orientation

LETS Orientation

Life Empowering Technology & Science Whether you are attending a DTS or Secondary school, or if you want to intern or staff, there are many opportunities at LETS to get involved!  For a breakdown of specifics, see the links below.

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Staff Orientation

Staff Orientation

What can staff do? Staff Arriving Staffs first week Staff Housing Working at LETS Aquaponics IDEAS ATV Food Forest Work Duties School Tracks Water Staff Short Term Partnership I choose to avoid the word outreach as often we as staff end up receiving far more than we...

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Work Duty Orientation

Work Duty Orientation

Work Duties An integral part of Youth With a Mission is getting our hands dirty. We want our students to get used to doing things that they will be doing in the Nations. This includes working in the kitchen, the grounds, and of course here at the farm. Work Duties are...

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